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About Different Satin Fabrics

Written by  Wednesday, 03 March 2010
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In this video, Melissa talks about the many types of satins: silk satins, queen satins, duchess satins, polyester satins, crepe silk satins and regular silk satins; as well as advice on choosing the right types of satin fabrics.

A video that explains the variety of different satin fabrics are available from our store, and what they can be used for.

Most people have this misconception that satin is something that’s made out of satin itself. What “satin” actually is, is the finish of the fabric. Satin is what gives the fabric its beautiful luscious shine. There are also lots of different kinds of satins. You can get satins that are made out of silk and you’ll also find satins in polyester. One can tell the difference between a polyester and a silk. Silk satins have a beautiful, natural shine. Polyester on the other hand, is made out of a plastic thread that produces a really shiny fabric, which sometimes can make the fabric look quite fake. This is the reason why most would usually shy away from satins. However, if you’re after a really good top quality satin, silk is preferred.

In terms of silk, clients usually come in saying that they need a really heavy silk crepe satin. We commonly use crepe satins for wedding dresses, and although crepe satin is quite beautiful, and it’s a heavy fabric that drapes perfectly - it isn’t always necessary to use a crepe satin for an ordinary evening gown. Also, with a heavy fabric like crepe satin, you’d still have to line it – and with every good dress, you should always line it with silk. The difference between a normal silk satin and a crepe satin is the texture. Crepe satins are matte and also have a rough pebbly like surface which give you that crepe effect. Many clients have heard of a crepe back satin, which in fact, is using the crepe side of the satin. It’s up to you and your preference whether you want to use the crepe satin, the back or the front of it. But here in d’Italia, we actually prefer to use just your regular silk satin. When using regular silk satin, you’ll still get a beautiful drape even without using a heavy material like crepe. The technique in this is by self lining, which is having the satin doubled over and line the fabric with itself. You’ll have this beautiful drape and it will be just as heavy as a crepe satin. The result is a dress that has that beautiful movement and the drape that you want, as well as the swing of the skirt just like the effect that crepe satin has."

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