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Cocktail Dresses & Evening Gowns

d'Italia's fashion designers will design &
custom make you dress, uniquley for you!

Hundreds of Australian women are wearing our creations: celebrities and professionals, brides, school girls, mothers of the brides.

Some customers have an exact idea of the cocktail gown or fromal dress that they would like made, and arrive at our shop armed with images off the internet or from magazines. In this case - based on many years' experience - we identify exactly what type of fabric would recreate the style perfectly (or often even better), and the customer is left with the simple task of choosing which colour or print they would like to use from that line of fabric. d'Italia's staff will offer honest advice as to what alternative styles or minor tweaks could be made to the style - if they believe it would flatter the customer better.

Some customers have a vague idea or no idea whatsoever as to what style, let alone type of garment they would like to have made. Based on years' of experience with a vast variety of customers, our staff are very efficient in identifying what type of garment and style would not only be appropriate for the occasion, but would also suit the customer's needs, body shape, colouring and personality.

Once the exact fabric is identified and chosen, our staff will calculate how much fabric is necessary for the creation of the garment, and an optional referral to one of our expert creation team is available upon request. Accurate costing on both the fabric and the making are freely worked out at the time of consultation, before any obligation or booking is made.

Price — "Not as much as one would think for genuine couture." - The Age

d'Italia does not charge for design or for the "label"—this is where you save hundreds or thousands of dollars.


The average cost for Dresses and Garments – including couture and fabric - varies according to what style and fabric you choose to use:

Cocktail/formal/evening dresses $1,500

Women’s Suits $1,400

Mother of the Bride garment dress $1,500


The average cost of custom-made wedding dresses – including couture and fabric - varies according to what style and fabric you choose to use:

Without French lace, beading or embellishments $2,500 - $3,000

With French lace, beading and/or embellishments $3,500 (average)

What To Do Next

Call d’Italia now to arrange a one-on-one private consultation to discuss your requirements and get a costing for your garment. Consultations are obligation free and free of charge.

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Why Choose d'Italia?

  • There are no designer fees.
    d’Italia doesn't markup the price
    just because it’s a label.
  • You get a genuine couture dress or outfit made with the world's finest fabrics, created from scratch, to fit you perfectly—for a fraction of the cost.


How It Works

  • 1 Gather images to show what you like
    from magazines or the internet (optional).
  • 2 Make an appointment and our designers will fine tune the style based on your thoughts, images, body shape and personality.
  • 3 We will help you choose the perfect fabric and/or French lace and/or embellishments and then we will work out the exact cost.
  • 4 If you don't have your own dressmaker. You will get a referral to one of d’Italia’s seamstresses to have your dress or outfit created exactly the way you want it.


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Examples of Some of d'Italia's Creations

d'Italia's fashion designers will design & custom make a dress or suit, uniquely for you!

Your style, custom made to fit you perfectly. Your dream dress will have the highest quality fabric and genuine French lace (optional).