Modern vs. Traditional Wedding Dresses

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Friday, 25 November 2011 11:00

Modern vs. Traditional Wedding Dresses

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One of the most significant and most memorable points in a woman's life is her wedding day. Considering this, the dress that she wears on that special day would be of the utmost importance. Deciding what kind of wedding dress to be worn on a day that comes only once in a lifetime (for the majority of us) becomes quite of a challenge – an exciting challenge, that all brides-to-be are set to take on.
  Today's modern bride is quite lucky to have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of wedding dresses available to them. From the custom made, where a personal touch can be added to the design, to the ready-made wedding dresses, which come in many different styles. One choice that some are bound to ponder on is whether to choose a modern wedding dress or a traditional one. It's important to choose whether to go within the norm and play it safe, or make it extra special and choose something out of the box! Modern vs. Traditional – weighing the pros and cons As with any choice, the best way to weigh which option is better is to know what the advantages and disadvantages are between the two choices. To make it easier for all our brides-to-be, below are some points that she needs to consider if faced with the conundrum of choosing between your typical traditional wedding dress or your modern wedding dress. Traditional wedding dresses are the norm Actually, to some, it's not just the norm, it's the rule. This rings especially true considering the rules and regulations of the church where you're going to get married at. Of course depending on what religion the ceremony is as well, some brides will probably be required to wear the traditional lehenga if they're getting married in an Indian ceremony or the red ao dai for a Vietnamese ceremony. In this case, you have your outfit picked out for you – which limits your choices - a reality that some brides actually accept quite gladly. Even if you do want to play it safe, or if your religion does have guidelines to adhere to, there are still loads of styles to choose from when looking at traditional dresses. Modern wedding dresses make you stand out For the bride that wants to make her wedding extra special, the modern wedding dress gives her the option to not just be the bride wearing the standard issue white one piece wedding gown. She can be the edgy bride with that sleek white vinyl/PVC dress or the cute blushing bride in the babydoll dress. There are many options to make you different - not opting for the typical "A-line dress"; using fabric uncommon to wedding dresses; or even using a splash of colour on your gown. Indeed, there are many things that a modern wedding dress can do to definitely make you stand out. Traditional wedding dresses have that classic quality Every wedding is almost always documented via photographs – and these photographs are what you look at years after, when you reminisce on that very special day of your life. If you think about that, you'd probably think twice before deciding on a Na'vi themed wedding, for fear of having to explain to your future children why you were dressed that way on your wedding day! Although that would be going to the extreme, it's a point proven -  traditional dresses do have that timeless, classic edge. Modern wedding dresses give you more room to add some personal flair On your wedding day, one of best things that you can do for yourself and the man you're marrying is to be the best version of you that you can be.  Don't just be a cookie cutter bride fresh off of those wedding magazine pages. If you're not the type that wears dresses, why not be comfortable on your wedding day with a nice white pantsuit? Whatever your unique personality is, opting for a modern wedding dress/outfit will give you the chance to make your wedding extra special – by being comfortable as yourself. Conclusion Whether it be modern or traditional, the most important thing in choosing a wedding dress is the fact that you're comfortable wearing it. No one wants to be uneasy during the happiest day in their life. And to come back to the original question – will it be traditional or modern? It's an easy choice really. Any bride just needs make sure to choose a dress that can make them feel good, as well as make them feel that they're at their best when wearing it.
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"I was extremely happy with your dressmaker referral – she made 4 x beautiful bridesmaids dresses with the lovely fabric we purchased from d'Italia."

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